Management consulting

Management Consulting

Today, companies face a long list of challenges – world recession, tight budgets, less expansion niches worldwide, increasing competition and many more. To be productive today means much more than just working harder. Smart Consulting Group Ltd. understands that such productivity is the result of many complex, interrelated factors, in the bright spectrum from technology and communication to culture and religion. Our consulting solutions and management services help organizations to identify the most profitable segments and to manage precisely targeted expansion policy. As a result, our clients develop more strategically, work more efficiently and build more profitable, accelerating towards high-level performance.

 Our consulting capacity covers the following sectors:

  • Business Development
  • Regional Market Evaluation and Strategy
  • Regional and Sector Analyses
  • Support in establishing contacts to decision-makers on mezzo and macro-level
  • Support by defining reliable partner organizations in the CEE region
  • Developing expansion action and communication plans for foreign and local companies
  • Restructuring and reorganizing
  • Coordination with bilateral and multilateral donor programs
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Supporting the preparation process for application in public procurement procedures

Our management support is focused in the three main project phases: kick-off, strategy development and implementation. We are acting in the development and implementation of pilot activities in order to increase the idea potential and to get the synergy effect. Smart Consulting Group Ltd. is also your reliable partner in the brainstorming process regarding follow-up activities.

We are here to help you doing the right steps in the right time.